Midland Av. C.I. –
Life and Death of an Ontario High School

Midland Ave C.I.
The film is presented
here in eight segments

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In June 2000, Midland Av Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario closed.

The school, built in 1962, was a first class education facility that looked new.

It was also the school where I’d spent four years of my adolescence, some forty years ago.
I was surprised the news shook me as much as it did.

I’d been outside Ontario for 25 years and had never gone back to a single reunion.
So, on final Open House day, June 3rd, I was more than a little curious.
Thus started the adventure recounted in this film.

Over the following year, I talked to people from three different generations of Midland students: people who were there with me in the sixties, the children of Reagan and Mulroney of the late eighties, and those still attending when it closed.

I also talked to former trustees, parents, teachers, academics, trying to find out why this
apparently absurd event had taken place, and what its closing meant.

It was not just, I thought, the result of penny pinching by the Harris government.
There was a sea change of attitudes taking place, movements of population and priorities
which were affecting the urban fabric of the place where I’d grown up and probably
all of Ontario.

This film is a hommage to a school and a school system that served my generation pretty well, but which, apparently, no longer functions in quite the same way.


Written, filmed and directed by Michael Hoare.
Edited by Jacqueline Geering

With many thanks to : Tanjeer Rajeeb Alam, Hussein Baker, Bristy Chakrabarty, Trish Crawford, Bishwajit Dey,
Bruce Elliott, Cal Francis, Bob Gidney, Duncan Greene, Khalid Hameed, Judy Hanninen, Douglas J. Hart,
Sharon Hirshenhorn, Pat Hipgrave, Jean Kowalewski, Jessical lake, Sasikaran and Piratheepan Loganathan,
Amalia and Liz Kartsonis, Irma Kemp, Jeff Kendall, Annie Kidder, Coleen McIntyre, Marcia McVea, Vinit Mehta,
Wyn Miller, Gail Nyberg, Graham Orpwood, Tom Perlmutter, Caroline Rendulich, Andy Sampagna,
Brian Sambourne, Rick Scofield, Syedi Siddiqi, Bavan Thanganadan, Sharon Thurston, Preetash Wishwa,
Manoja Wijewardens.

Shooting dates 2000-2003
End of editing Feb. 2005

Length 117 minutes
DVDs available : contact the association.